Tobacco Production

Cahan Tobacco International is using latest technology and agronomy methods in its tobacco production processes.

Producing process at CTI
Started on late April the process is currently ongoing in the Khinjab village of Kangarli region...

Our mission

Using modern tobacco production and good agricultural practices to fulfil demands of customers both in domestic and global markets.

Tobacco Agronomy Center

Tobacco Agronomy Center, owned by Cahan Tobacco International, has begun to grow tobacco in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic since 2017 based on the State Program for the Development of Tobacco Production in the Republic of Azerbaijan in 2017-2021

26 years later, Cahan Tobacco International launched a tobacco production project in Nakhchivan and Turkish Izmir Oriental tobacco seeds and Virginia tobacco seeds have already been planted in Nakhchivan. In the second year of the project, the quality of the classic Izmir Oriental tobacco has been achieved.

Also, in the second year of the project, high-quality Virginia tobacco is used by Cahan Tobacco International in domestic production.